Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?

After discovering Himalayan salt lamps, there is one burning topic of discussion among most of the people of the century, whether the salt lamps work correctly. It has been a questionable topic for a long time now, with different people coming up with varying opinions of their own.

It entirely depends on you whether you want to believe in Himalayan salt lamps' purifying capacity or not because if you have got believe in myths, you can have the world under your feet, while science will make you look for logic. Even for the most superficial aspects of life!

What are the Himalayan salt lamp spiritual benefits?

People from the past have believed that Himalayan salt lamps have high spiritual effects on the daily lifestyle.

Whenever you light up one, you get peace. If you are a believer, then the following points of spiritual benefits of Himalayan salt lamps might impress you. Go and enlighten your brain!


The first and the foremost spiritual benefit which exists of Himalayan salt lamps are the mesmerizing ambiance effect. Even the non-believers would not deny or disagree with this spiritual benefit at any point in time.

When you light up a Himalayan salt lamp, you will notice the peach or soft amber color glow all around the room.

Turning off the room lights and spending some time with such a sober color glow around your room can help your eyes relax and automatically make you concentrate. Such pure brilliance can be utilized for meditation or simply for having a peaceful rest session.


People from the past believed that Himalayan salt lamps are natural air purifiers. They apply science, logic, and also spiritual beliefs to some extent.

When you introduce a Himalayan salt lamp to a room, you can rely on it regarding the air purification procedure.

As you all know that salt is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water from the surface. That is why the salt in the containers, in the kitchen, or the dining table turns watery during the monsoon season when the humidity level remains high in the atmosphere.

The Himalayan salt lamp kept in the room already eliminates all the water vapor at ease as the salt crystals in the lamp absorb the humidity. But as soon as the lamp gets lighted up, the salt crystals start evaporating back the purified air and water vapor in the room.

The impure particles and pollutants get stuck to the Himalayan salt lamp, thus, purifying the room's atmosphere.


Most of the people of the 21st century are not aware of the Himalayan salt lamp aromatherapy. It is not a very common topic of discussion of the present generation. Did you know that the Himalayan salt lamp can act as an oil diffuser? If not, then here is the piece of knowledge for you!

When you light up a Himalayan salt lamp, the crystals start to glow. They get heated up in the first place and lights up with a sober glow. You must be having a set of beautifully smelly essential oil.

You can add a few drops of essential oil to the Himalayan salt lamp. In no time, you would realize that your room has started smelling of the essential oil. The aromatherapy will help you concentrate and focus on yourself and your spiritual beliefs during meditation.

Mood lifter:

The secret behind a happy and bright day is a night with an adequate amount of sleep and peace of mind. When people say that the Himalayan salt lamp is a mood lifter, they mean that it helps in keeping your mind peaceful and healthy.

Most 21st-century people, especially the youth and the youngsters, are deeply involved in their regular work schedules where they rarely get leisure time. It becomes pretty tough for them to think of anything but work.

If you have the same problem of high stress and frustrating thoughts in your life, then it is time for the Himalayan salt lamp to light up your world the brightest and keep your mental state stable!

How do I know if the Himalayan salt lamp is good for me?

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are questionable at present. There is no science working at certain aspects of Himalayan salt lamps. But there is a way to find out if the Himalayan salt lamp is good for you.

All you need to do is purchase a small one that comes under twenty dollars from any popular shopping website or directly from the market.

You already know the benefits of the lamp. Keep the Himalayan salt lamp light in your room for days and start spending some time with it.

If you feel a sudden change in your mood, health, and life after getting in touch with the lamp, it is undoubtedly working in a good way for you, but if you do not feel any change, it is not for your good!

Do Himalayan Salt lamps purify the air?

People believe that the Himalayan salt lamps efficiently purify the air. As a chunk of salt crystals, the lamp has got an unbalanced number of electrons and protons. The ions go through reactions that purify the air.

Salt is also hygroscopic, and so it tends to absorb the moisture in the room at first when the lamp is not lighted up. Eventually, the Himalayan salt lamp gets heated up and evaporates out the humidity, capturing the pollutants in the salt crystals.

Do salt lamps work without the light on?

Salt lamps do have genuine salt crystals. The composition of the salt particles does not change in any way, whether the lamp is lighted up or not.

Salt lamps work efficiently with the air's purification to some extent, even when it is not on. But if you do not light it up for a long time, the salt particles start to become watery, and thus, it is said that the lamp begins to cry.


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