Exploring the authenticity of Tibetan Salt Lamps

Tibetan Salt lamps

Tibetan salt lamps are made from 2.5-billion-year-old Himalayan salt. It comes in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and has become a well-sought accessory for one’s home or office. This decorative piece, not only has a lot of natural benefits but also is a great gifting option.

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How to use the Tibetan Salt Lamps?


The salt chunk is usually used as a whole, or broken and kept in glass vessels, which runs on electricity. The cables that come for the salt lamps, often have a bulb holder which allows the light to be lit underneath the salt chunk. This also heats it to radiate the electromagnetic radiations, as well as to light up the ambience. Often Tibetan salt lamps are also available with USB cables which can be used by plugging them into the desktop or the laptop directly.



How and why are the Tibetan Salt Lamps coloured?


Tibetan salt found in the interior is pink, however white salt chunks are found on outer surfaces. This white chunk is used with a coloured lamp which gives different colours such as purple, orange, red, blue. They work on the principle of Chromotherapy.

Each of these colours has its significance and they are bought based on the subjective choice of the individual.


While purple salt films are used to exhibit more royalty and confidence, the orange one exhibits the warm orange colour which radiates an ambience of warmth and energy. Blue salt lamps are often used to strengthen immunity while using the red salt lamp has been seen to calm and relax the mind.



How do the Tibetan Salt Lamps work?


Tibetan Salt Lamps usually when heated, absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, as salt is hygroscopic. This leads to purification of the air as humidity is completely absorbed by the salt lamp. Also, when a salt lamp is heated, negative irons are emitted. The pathogens present in the atmosphere around us like bacteria and viruses are made up of positive irons. Just opposite I am attraction, neutralises the pathogens and therefore leads to a pathogen-free ambience.


How to take care of the Tibetan Salt Lamps?


Tibetan Salt Lamps can be used anywhere however while using them one should always be precaution of a few points


  • Tibetan Salt Lamps should never be used near electrical objects, as the salt can liquefy and cause a short-circuit.
  • It should not be kept in very damp and hot places, as the salt will start to liquify
  • Always place a plate under the lamp to collect the liquid
  • The Salt Lamp cables should be kept away from any form of liquid to prevent its damage


Salt lamps are available widely on the internet. If you have been looking for a salt lamp and are apprehensive on whether to buy it or not, think no more and log onto sites like http://thelamplife.co.uk/ . There are numerous options for one to choose from for their office or homes. 


Salt lamps are a great addition to one’s environment and therefore is a great choice when it comes to gifting peace to oneself or any friend or family.


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