Himalayan Rose Pink Salt

Beautiful Pink Himalayan rose salt

The rose-pink salt has made quite a name for itself in the beauty and well-being industry. The Himalayan rose pink crystal salt is extracted from one of the largest and the oldest salt mines, the Khewra Salt Mine, which is a salt mine located in Pakistan.

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Himalayan rose pink salt is extracted by hands without using any other tools and technologies. The salt is then processed in a way that ensures that the salt retains its mineral properties. The minimal processing means there are almost to added preservatives or additives in the salt.


The salt is known for its pink colour which is said to be due to tk the high amount of iron in the salt. It is also quite rich in sodium chloride.



Is Himalayan rose pink salt good for you?


Well, there has been flying rumours that the link crystal Salt is healthier than your standard regular salt because it has added health benefits. Let's find out some of the Himalayan rose pink crystal salt benefits.


Himalayan salt does have some additional benefits, but the difference between regular salt and Himalayan pink salt is not too extreme. The salt does have an impact on your health but the impact is minimal.


Pink rock salt comes with a lot of trace minerals that are missing in regular salt. This is because the pink rock salt is processed naturally, which helps retain the minerals in the salt whereas regular salts undergo grinding and processing which leads to salt losing its mineral properties.


Also due to it being processed normally, there are almost zero additives. The fewer additives are added to the food you intake, the better it is for your health.


Well, although the mineral content is high in pink rock salt, the composition of the minerals in the salt is merely 2%.  


So in conclusion yes, it is beneficial but it Will does not make a huge difference if you choose to swap your regular salt with pink rock salt.



Does Himalayan rose pink salt help you lose weight?


There is no hardcore evidence backing the claim that the Himalayan rock salt does help you lose weight but it is believed that it does.


Rock salt is a great detoxifier. The detoxification helps to increase your metabolism and aids you in losing weight.


The rock salt also contains trace minerals which are said to support weight loss and also helps in hormones imbalances.


You can add the pink rock salt to your diet by cooking with it. Replace your old regular salt with the pink rock salt and enjoy losing kilos!



Is Himalayan rose pink salt bad for your kidneys?


Rose pink salt can be bad for your kidneys if you consume it in large quantities. If you keep the intake of salt low, it will have a positive impact on your health.


Research conducted recently showcase findings that are quite alarming. The report states that the majority of kids and adults usually intake more sodium than the standard amount.


Excessive amounts of sodium intake are especially harmful to your kidneys. While you cannot completely cut out sodium from your diet because your body needs it, you have to strictly maintain the quantity of sodium.



Is Himalayan rose pink salt good for BP?


The sodium concentration in rose pink salt is quite high when compared to regular salt. This means in one teaspoon you will get more sodium which will largely decrease your sodium intake.


The less sodium you consume, the better is it for your heart and your blood pressure. It will keep you healthy for a long time.



Himalayan pink rock salt can also be used to treat respiratory diseases and skin diseases. It helps detoxify which removes impurities from your skin keeping it supple and soft.


You can use the salt as bath Salt as they are also excellent for scrubbing. The granules of Rose pink salt tends to be a little larger and rougher around the edges than the regular salt which makes it perfect to use as a scrubber.


You can also get Himalayan salt lamps in the market which can help you to fall asleep. The soft yellow glow from the lamps relaxes your instantly and drives away all the tensions from your body.


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