Active Minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is among the purest salts available with a lot of health benefits. So, you can have Himalayan Pink Salt more with no fear of bad cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, or calcium loses.

If we look closer at the composition of the Himalayan Pink Salt, chemically, there are similarities to regular table salt. Almost 98 percent of the composition is NaCl or Sodium Chloride.

The rest 2 percent of the salt comprises vital minerals like potassium calcium, which practically brings the pink tint to the salt.

There are altogether 84 minerals present in Himalayan Pink Salt. Though present in trace amount, the flavor might taste different from white salt on your taste buds.

Minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt

In this article, we will help you explore the extraordinary health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt, when put in an everyday diet.

Here is the list of the 84 minerals that the salt is made up of along with their health benefits:

What are the 84 minerals in Himalayan pink salt?

Are you aware of the Periodic Table during the 10+2 standard? We advise you to revise once. Or, read along as 99.12 percent of the elements of the Table are present in the 2 percent composition of the Himalayan Pink Salt.

  1. Iodine – regulates healthy thyroid function, metabolism, and cellular oxidation.
  1. Calcium – strong bone and teeth health
  1. Hydrogen – produces protons for ATP production.
  1. Oxygen – breaks sugar particles into carbon dioxide and water.
  1. Nitrogen – aids better digestion
  1. Phosphorus – forms RNA and DNA in the body along with cellular communication, enzymatic reactions, and catalyzes vitamin B-complex.
  2. Carbon – Carbon is the basic building block of the body. The atoms help build bigger biomolecules.
  1. Chromium – essential element of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) that regulates insulin function, and energy production.
  1. Sodium – maintains body fluidity inside and outside the cells, acid-base balance.
  1. Fluoride – improves teeth and bone health.
  1. Cadmium – vital for metabolic activities.
  1. Palladium – improves electrical potentiality of the cell.
  1. Aluminum – involves enzyme function.
  1. Vanadium – breaks down food into energy.
  1. Nickel – improvise cell health.
  1. Arsenic – helps the nervous system to function better.
  1. Silicon – along with calcium, helps in bone health improvement. It also benefits skin, hair, fingernails, and forms tendons and ligaments of the body.
  1. Copper – manufactures hemoglobin, collagen, iron, which are necessary for oxygen synthesis, and a rich source of antioxidants.
  1. Cobalt – being a component of Vitamin B12, it helps in RBC production.
  1. Indium – useful in the absorption process
  1. Rubidium – body requires Rb+ ions for electrolytic fluid balance.
  1. Gallium – inhibits the production of an inflammatory substance called Interleukin-6.
  1. Lanthanum – better digestion
  1. Sulfur - synthesizes protein and collagen for better skin, nail, and hair health.
  1. Iron – produces hemoglobin.
  1. Manganese – improves the overall function of the nervous system.
  1. Selenium – being an antioxidant, Selenium protects the cell membranes from any radical damage, securing your body from any heart disease. Besides that, it aids liver function along with other benefits.
  1. Molybdenum – metabolizes carbohydrates and detoxifies toxic sulfites from the body.
  1. Lithium – works as a mood enhancer.
  1. Chloride – being a very critical component in HCl acid, Chloride aids stomach digestion and maintains the acid balance of the body.
  1. Zinc – This element involves over 200 enzymatic reactions of the body. It is also important for the growth and development of the body.
  1. Magnesium - Himalayan Pink Salt is used in Spa centers as it relaxes the muscles and mind because of the presence of Magnesium. It is an essential nutrient of the heart as well.
  1. Boron – regulates calcium and magnesium metabolism inside the body. It also increases muscle mass, maintaining body weight.
  2. Beryllium – it feeds the body cells.
  1. Germanium – inside the body, the germanium molecules attach to the oxygen molecules, regulating the transfer of oxygen to the tissues. As a result, the body gets a better oxygen supply that improves the immunity system, excreting harmful toxins.

These are the main natural elements present in Himalayan Pink Salt that are also involved in significant body activities. The rest of the 49 minerals works together inside the body and handle various Health Benefits.

Some minerals among the 49 minerals include scandium, titanium, silver, bromine, radium, thorium, platinum, lead, tungsten, and more.

The ions of this trace, organic minerals maintain the body at cellular level functions. But their involvement percentage in the body is less compared to the 35 principle minerals that we have mentioned.

However, the trace minerals maintain body fluids, homeostasis, and electrolytic balance when your body perspires too much.

Besides that, the vascular health and Ph balance of the cell is also regulated by the joint action of these minerals in the Himalayan Pink Salt.

The Final Verdict

The Himalayan Pink Salt is not just salt. The Chlorine content is almost the same in the two, but it is the 2 percent that creates the difference.

Apart from that, there is a lot of hype regarding the use of Himalayan Pink Salt and its benefits. Some are buying it because of the color, while some want to give their body a simple treat!

Although, most of the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt organic minerals do not have research as support. Scientists are working hard to get into the treasury benefits of all the organic elements.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for an excellent alternative to regular salt, the Himalayan Pink Salt is an ideal pick. It is organic so you won’t be facing any health concerns. But the latter falls a bit to the expensive side than regular salt.

However, the Himalayan Pink Salt is also available in a smaller size at some online stores and shops. It is a fantastic option for seasoning food with quantized sodium intake.

With all the benefits, you can surely add Himalayan Pink Salt to your regular diet. It aids hydration, and the benefits will be generous for long-term results.

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