Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

The pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps are great additions to any house. Majorly used for their beauty and added attraction to your living space.

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What are Himalayan Salt lamps?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are carved out of pink Himalayan salt. These lamps are known to have many health benefits.

Additionally, these lamps are also known to help you purify your house and living space. It is believed that Himalayan Salt lamps eliminate the negative energies from your house.

What is more, these lamps are known to have medical health benefits, like helping you get rid of allergies and inducing sleep.

These lamps are quite beautiful to look at. They are made by inserting a bulb in large chunks of pink Himalayan salt. Although the salt is like table salt, the presence of certain minerals makes the salt turn pink.

However, with that said, most people are curious if these lamps are worth it or not.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

With the given benefits of the lamps, the working of these lamps has fascinated people. In truth, these lamps are said to release negative ions into the air, which is called air ionization. Although no evidence leads to this, it is believed that air ionization helps in purifying the air.

Another belief is that the water vapours and toxins in the polluted air are attracted to the surface of the rock, which purifies the air. However, this claim, too, has not been proven.

Advantages of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Wondering how does a Himalayan Salt Lamp help you? Here are some great benefits of having one at your home:

  • Air Purification

It is believed that these salt lamps help in purifying the air. Be it a home or an office, these help in creating a better living environment and space.
Additionally, many believe that allergies, insect droppings, environmental allergies, etc.

  • Eases Respiratory symptoms

The Himalayan Salt lamps are known to help with respiratory illnesses. The manufacturers of the lamp claim that this lamp helps in relieving a variety of respiratory illnesses and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
Furthermore, this claim comes from halotherapy, an ancient practice. In halotherapy, people with respiratory illnesses would go sit in salt caves. Inhaling salt particles was seen to help in clearing airways and was known to break down mucus.

  • Better Sleep and Mood

One of the biggest claims of this lamp is that it helps in inducing better sleep and improving mood. This aspect of the lamp has been studied and has been found to have some good effects.
In a study, it was found that inhaling salt can have an effect equivalent to that of an antidepressant. Furthermore, it could potentially induce the release of hormones that help in boosting the mood in the body.
However, further study has shown that not all these claims are true. There is no significant or consistent relationship between these aspects and the use of the Himalayan salt lamp.

Disadvantages of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp 

Although there are no reasons to not choose a Himalayan Salt lamp for your home, there can be some cons to it.

  • Corrosive in Nature

As the lamp absorbs water from its atmosphere, it has a tendency of leaking. And when the lamp leaks, it begins to wash out the salt from the lamp as well, which is where the corrosion of the lamp and salt happens.

  • They are Heavy.

As you go up the price ladder, the Himalayan Salt Lamps tend to get heavier. The budgeted lamps are quite light.
However, if you find a heavy Himalayan Lamp and it is not expensive, it probably is a fake.

  • Leaking Water is a Problem

These salt lamps attract water, which is why these leak a lot. The negative ions play a large role in this.
Apart from this, it can become a hazard for your living environment. Water and electricity do not really work well together and may cause some serious damage to your house or office.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the alleged benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps have not been medically proven, as of now.

How To Use A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt lamps are known for a variety of things, which is why they make the perfect fit for any room, setting, and set-up. Wondering how can you use these lamps? Here are some ways:

  • You can use these lamps to add value to your space. As these lamps are attractive, they tend to light up the entire place without a problem.
  • You can make use of these lamps to create a beautiful ambiance. Not only are these lamps trendy, but also maintain a clam look.
    These work best for high-end spas and restaurants.
  • These are the perfect addition to your bedroom thanks to the brilliantly dim light. The soft light of these lamps helps you to attain better sleep.
  • The beautiful dim and pinkish light also help you to enjoy your space better. You can make use of the light to boost your mood.

How to Buy Himalayan Salt Lamp?

  • Check out a variety of stores, both online and physical stores.
  • Keep a budget in mind. You can find these lamps at different prices.
  • Look at different options, try to find the size that fits your needs.
  • Before you make a purchase, remember to consider why you’re buying it.
  • Consider buying in bulk if you are purchasing for a business or office.

Final words

With that said, these Himalayan Salt lamps make for the best addition to any space. You can use these in homes or offices.

Despite the benefits being largely unproven, we can safely agree that these lamps look great. If not anything, they will at least help you sleep better.

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