What Type of Bulb Does Your Salt Lamp Need?

What Type of Bulb Does Your Salt Lamp Need?

If you are shopping around for the perfect Himalayan salt lamp, chances are good that you’ve wondered about the type of light bulb that goes inside of it. Many salt lamps use a standard nightlight bulb but other salt lamps accommodate other types. If you want to do a little research before purchasing the light bulb that goes into your salt lamp, below is some information that is certain to prove valuable.

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Different Types of Light Bulbs Are Available

To decide which type of light bulb to use for your Himalayan salt lamp, you have to first learn about the different types of bulbs available on the market today. In a nutshell, light bulb types include:

  • Incandescent bulbs: Used in many electrical devices, these bulbs provide a very warming and inviting effect and are some of the cheapest light bulbs available.
  • Halogen bulbs: An energy-efficient light source, halogen bulbs provide natural daylight illumination and are a little more expensive than incandescent bulbs even though the two are similar.
  • Fluorescent bulbs: These are very bright bulbs and therefore work great in basements and attics; you can even get them in various colours.

When you purchase your salt lamp, it will automatically come with a light bulb of its own. Because of this, it is always recommended that you replace the bulb in the future with the same type that came with the lamp in the beginning. Light bulbs can range from 4-watt nightlight bulbs to 40-watt chandelier-type bulbs but sticking with the original kind means that you won’t have to worry about your salt lamp working improperly after the bulb is replaced.

How to Choose the Right Bulb Every Time

When you’re shopping for Himalayan salt lamp bulbs, your decision should reflect the overall size of the lamp. For instance, here are the recommendations when purchasing one of these bulbs:

  • For lamps 3 to 11 pounds in weight, use a 15-watt nightlight bulb.
  • For lamps 12 to 20 pounds, use a 25-watt light bulb.
  • For lamps 21 to 40 pounds, choose a 40-watt light bulb.
  • For lamps 41 to 200 pounds, choose a bulb that is 50 to 60 

It is also crucial to make sure that you choose a light bulb that generates heat because these bulbs are what make the lamps work the way that they’re supposed to work. In other words, LED bulbs are one type that you never want to purchase for your salt lamp because they do not get warm enough to ensure that the lamp will work properly.

If you end up with a salt lamp that is white or beige in colour, you may want to choose a light bulb that comes in different colours because this can change the entire look of the lamp once you plug it in. Lighter-coloured lamps work just as well as the ones that are orange or pink in colour but using a coloured light bulb increases their aesthetic appeal instantly. It also goes a long way in adding some ambience to your current décor because it can easily and quickly match the rest of the room.

Where to Purchase Light Bulbs for Your Salt Lamp

If you think purchasing Himalayan salt lamp bulbs is complicated, think again. The bulbs are very easy to find because they are sold at hundreds of lighting stores and even online at places such as eBay and Amazon. Best of all, most of the bulbs used in these lamps are of a fairly standard size, which means that you can even find them at your local retail or discount store. Finally, a high-quality salt lamp bulb is also very affordable for the most part. Because they last such a long time, you are always getting a lot of bang for your buck when you purchase them.

Even better, many of these light bulbs come in packages of two or more bulbs, which means that you can purchase up to ten bulbs at a time and get them at a discount price. There are even light bulb stores that make bulbs specifically for Himalayan salt lamps so you can rest assured that you are getting the right type of salt lamp bulb every time.

Things to Watch for When You Purchase a Salt Lamp

Naturally, things can go wrong when you purchase a salt lamp, although most of these things can be avoided simply by caring for the lamp properly. If the light bulb starts popping or blowing, it means that something you’re doing isn’t right. If this happens to you, check the condition of the bulb first to make sure that it isn’t defective or simply needs to be replaced. If it is in good shape, you’ll have to look for other things. Below are some tips that you can follow if your salt lamp bulb keeps blowing or popping:

  • Make sure that you keep the lamp in an upright position so it is harder to get knocked over and break.
  • If the humidity is too high, you may need a dehumidifier because high humidity can cause salt lamp bulbs to blow.
  • Make sure that the bulb is screwed in tightly so that it works properly.
  • Don’t handle the bulb with oil or lotion on your hands as this can mean your salt lamp bulb keeps blowing or popping from then on.
  • Keep the salt lamp still and don’t move it around frequently.
  • The problem could be that the lamp is too damp and “sweaty” and the dampness has reached the bulb, which can cause it to blow.

Keeping your salt lamp dry, still, and upright goes a long way in taking care of both the lamp itself and the light bulb inside. A little sweating is normal for a salt lamp but checking to make sure that it doesn’t become too wet is important to the light bulb and the life expectancy of the lamp. Fortunately, these tips are easy to accommodate because all you have to do is clean the lamp occasionally with a dry cloth. Taking proper care of your Himalayan salt lamp means that you are more likely to have a lamp that works right and doesn’t have problems. It is a simple thing to take care of your lamp and it will provide you with many years of use in return.

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