Why is My Salt Lamp Wet and Leaking Water?

Why is your salt lamp wet?

If you own a Himalayan salt lamp, you may have noticed that it occasionally “sweats” or becomes damp. If you’ve wondered why is my salt lamp wet, the answer is quite simple. Salt is a drying agent and therefore absorbs moisture from the air. If it draws in a lot of moisture, the excess amount can result in a lot of dampness on the outside of the lamp but rest assured that your lamp is not actually leaking.

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Your Salt Lamp is Not Leaking Water

If you wonder why is my salt lamp melting, you may think that this because of the wetness that is noticeable on the outside of the lamp. In fact, sometimes this dampness is so extreme that you’ll see water dripping down the lamp to the base. It may look as if the lamp is actually leaking or melting but it isn’t. What is happening is what happens naturally when there is too much moisture being absorbed; the moisture has to go somewhere.

Of course, if you live in a high-humidity area, it may be impossible for your lamp to be completely dry. If you do find that the lamp is consistently wet, you can always set it on a saucer or plate so that the dampness doesn’t ruin your nightstand or bookshelf. You can also buy a small dehumidifier for the room to get rid of the excess moisture there. A little dampness in the air is not bad for you but too much humidity is. Noticing Himalayan salt lamp leaking problems is the first step to eliminating them and it is much easier than you think.

Easy Solutions to the Sweating Problem

Once again, noticing a Himalayan salt lamp leaking is most often not a problem unless the sweating seems too excessive. Keep in mind that a good dehumidifier usually solves the problem. There is also another thing to consider. The dampness is always the result of the salt lamp becoming heated because when it is warm, the lamp bulb won’t absorb moisture and will therefore leak onto the lamp itself. Therefore, if you want to stop the sweating for a while, all you have to do is turn off the lamp temporarily. Of course, this won’t stop the dampness permanently but it can work until you have a chance to install a good dehumidifier to take care of the problem.

Why is My Salt Lamp Wet

It also helps to place your salt lamp only in certain rooms that tend to have less humidity than the others. This means that if you consistently wonder why is my salt lamp wet, the answer could have to do with keeping your lamp in your bathroom or kitchen, which are rooms that are naturally more humid than others. Damp kitchens and bathrooms are quite common so keeping your salt lamp in rooms that are a lot drier can reduce the amount of dampness that you experience with the lamp.

Keeping your salt lamp functioning properly requires a few simple tips. For the most part, there is no need to be concerned when your lamp becomes sweaty or wet. Asking yourself why is my salt lamp melting now has an easy answer and an easy solution to the problem!

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