Why Round Salt Lamp is Among the Most Sought-After Ones?

Himalayan salt lamps are the new trend of decorative pieces one uses. It has become a common want for those who believe in spiritual calmness and is looking forward to new relaxation techniques. Round salt lamps are made from the Himalayan pink salt which is found deep inside the rock layer. The large salt chunks are then shaped and carved to fit different tastes.

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 Himalayan Round salt lamp


What are Round salt lamps

The round salt lamps are the ones where is the salt chunk is polished and hand carved to a sphere. The smooth sphere looks like a miniature version of the moon, because of its texture and looks.

These round salt lamps are placed on different types of carved wooden stands, to give them different appearances and looks. Some are found carved like a triangular stand that holds the round salt lamp. While some made from the neem wood and carved as a round base on which the round lamp fits and sits completely.

Why do people want the round salt lamp?

The rounds of the lamp are much in demand, firstly because of its aesthetic appeal, and secondly, because of the uniform light, it gives off. When compared to the salt chunk, the light given off by the round salt lamps is even and therefore it looks more beautiful.


Benefits of Round Salt Lamp

Why do I need a Round Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are used for various things


      As the round salt lamp heats up, it uniformly absorbs the moisture all around it from the air. This reduces the moisture in the air and hence purifies it.

        It kills the bacteria and virus in the air

          The negative ions are given out from the salt lamp when it is heated which neutralises the positive irons of the bacteria and virus.


              When a few drops of essential oil are added to the salt lamp and heated, the beautiful aroma that it gives up helps to relax and calm the mind.


                  Round salt lamps are available in a variety of colours by changing the coloured light bulb it comes with. As different light is known to have different properties and different in spiritually engaging characteristics, this light therapy helps one in many ways

                    Better Sleep and Immunisation

                      The salt lamp when lit, lights up the entire room in a soft colour. This helps in relaxation of the mind and hence a tired body can go to sleep very easily. When your body gets proper rest,it has the energy and immunity to fight diseases and hence the immunity is strengthened.

                      If you are looking for a beautiful and unique addition to your room or your office cabin, these round salt lamps appeal to most people in the most beautiful way. Their unique properties of relaxation and soothing the mind works wonders after a busy day. The http://thelamplife.co.uk/ is one such place you can get beautiful round salt lamps

                      Though many shapes are available, the round salt lamp is the softest looking salt lamp as its smooth and no chunky appearance has a sense of calmness too.


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