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 Pink Lamp Shade
Red night light angel
Red night light angel
Red night light angel
Red night light angel

Red night light angel

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 Natural Himalayan salt lamp - purifies surrounding air to make it fresher and healthier

There are many benefits of having salt lamps, it is believed they:

  • Help with sleep.
  • Boost your moral and mood
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduces electromagnetism which emits from mobile phones, television, appliances, etc.
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Reduces chronic fatigue
  • Reduces asthma symptoms and allergies   

Crystal Salt Lamps act as an air purifier by emitting a stream of negative ions into the air.

 Weight 400g-800g
Dimensions 10cm x 10cm
colour Pink
Power 15 W

Looking for a Red Night Light? Try a Beautiful Salt Lamp

Salt lamps make the perfect night light because their glow is relaxing and just bright enough to help you see without being too bright. While most of them are yellow-orange in colour, some are different because they are made out of rock salt and rock salt can be various colours. This means that even if you want a red night light, you can get one if you shop around for a salt lamp.

In fact, some salt lamps come with colour-changing capability that allows them to change colour while they’re in use, making this a great option when you’re looking for the best-looking red night light. This is not your standard run-of-the-mill night light because it is uniquely shaped and comes in various sizes and designs. Even a red night light isn’t difficult to find if you decide to go with a salt lamp.

Because they are made out of Himalayan rock salt, each salt lamp looks different. You can place them on your table, your night-stand, or any other place that is big enough to hold it. Most of them come with wooden bases that will match anyone’s décor so whether you want an amber-coloured or a red night light, you’ll be happy choosing a high-quality salt lamp.

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