Animal salt lick
Animal salt lick
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Animal salt lick

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What are animal salt licks?

Animal salt licks are 100% natural and additives-free deposits of mineral salts for farms and other domestic animals to supplement their nutrition. Numerous animals regularly visit mineral licks to consume clay, supplementing their diet with nutrients and minerals.

Salt lick or more popularly known as “mineral lick” is where animals go to lick essential minerals and nutrients. It can be naturally occurring or artificial, just like what most farmers use for their horses or livestock.

Why do animals need a salt lick?

Just like humans, animals need salt too. They require salt to maintain fluid balance levels in their body and prevent health problems. Animals such as deer, sheep, goats, cattle, and elephants make regular visits to the salt resources in nature to get the minerals.

They need calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and sodium. Animal salt licks are great substitutes for natural salt. Licking blocks are generally hung above the ground to avoid dirt and placed somewhere animals can come and lick.

It is also the favored choice for dairy farms, stable horses, cattle and sheep farms, camels, buffaloes, and more.

What’s the importance of animal lick salt?

As humans, we consume food salt or table salt, mostly for flavor or seasoning, granting that it is also necessary for our mineral intake. On the other hand, salt for animals is essential for growth and a healthy, properly functioning body.

It aids animals to become protected from diseases and gain resistance. A lot of farmers provide and use animal licks because of their beneficial results. It reduces nervous animal behaviors, decreases stressful behaviors such as constant licking, chewing on fences. These support the immune system and help increase milk yields.

At the same time, it supports animals to develop shiny & healthy coats and harden animals’ hooves.


All of our Animal salt licks is posted with yodel and usually takes about 3 working days from dispatch to arrive.


All of our Animal lick salt is 100% Himalayan Rock salt and of the best quality. If you decide you are not happy with the purchase please get in touch within 14 days of purchase to return the product.

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