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A Nice Moon Lamp Adds Ambience to the Room

A moon lamp is a globe-like device that is usually around 5 inches in diameter and it is usually used as a night light. Many of these lamps switch colours when they’re on, and you can even make them dimmer or brighter with the touch of your finger. The glowing light that emits from the lamp is a subtle light that can even make sleep much easier, relaxing you before you finally fall asleep.

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp size M to L

These moon lamps are made of plastic not salt

Great for both nurseries and adult bedrooms, a good moon lamp adds some ambience to the room and sits on a stand that prevents it from rolling away somewhere. In fact, you don’t even have to use it as a night light if you don’t want to, because it adds a little romance to the air and is perfect for those romantic night time dinners.

A moon lamp is named this because it looks just like the moon, and if you look up close you’ll even see tiny ridges just like there are on the moon. Most of these lamps offer both warm and cool light, and both kids and adults will be fascinated watching it go from one colour to the next. The glowing feature is also a draw because it calls attention to this unique and fun product.


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