Is Salt Water Bath Good for Skin?

Salt water bath help cleanse the skin

Nothing sounds more relaxing than taking a long hot bath after a long day. When you add natural bath salts to it becomes even more relaxing and it also brings healing properties!

Sea salt is the salt that remains once the seawater evaporates. The salt does not undergo much processing and hence can retain many minerals - zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. Sea salt is different from table salt which is heavily processed and features a very fine texture.

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Sea salt

Sea bath salts are known for having therapeutic properties that release the tension in your muscles and also help exfoliate dead skin cells.

What are the types of sea salt?

There are two types of relaxing bath salts - dead sea salt and common sea salt.

Dead sea salt is sourced from the dead sea. It is said to be extremely rich in minerals even when compared to common sea salt. You can buy dead sea salt from various vendors. Dead sea salt is available in a variety of texture. You can find coarse ones too, fine ones to extra coarse ones.

What are the benefits of luxury bath salt?

Good for skin:

A Saltwater bath is very good for the skin. It is recommended by even the top dermatologists out there. Taking a sea bath is said to treat acne, psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis. The sea salt is said to reduce scaling which helps reduce the rashes and the constant need to itch which can be highly irritating.

If you have a dry skin condition and suffer from one of the aforementioned skin diseases you can try taking a sea bath regularly to help reduce the symptoms.

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Muscle pains

It is because of this that people sometimes also call them muscle bath salts. The salts soothe your overworked muscles and release the stiffness and tension in your muscles and joints. The minerals in the salt help increase blood circulation and you immediately feel the cramps going away after soaking in the bath for 10 minutes.

Treats rheumatic disease

Research has stated that sea salt is extremely beneficial when it comes to treating rheumatic diseases. People with spondylitis, arthritis will find sea salt worthy of the price.

Removes dead skin cells

You must have heard this several times from your dermatologist or the YouTube skin guru about how exfoliation is necessary to have healthy smooth skin.

Exfoliation helps in removing the top layer of the skin and aids in the regeneration of new skin cells which makes you look brighter and younger and oh yes baby skin! Coarse sea salts can be a great exfoliate.

Mix the sea salt with some DIY face pack and scrub the dirt away. I feel the coarse sea salts are too harsh for your skin, you can find a  finer texture that suits your skin.

Is taking a sea salt bath safe?

Since sea salt is a natural ingredient, you do not have to worry about any side effects. However, if you have cuts and wounds, you should avoid sea salt until the wounds heal because otherwise, it will sting.

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